Affordable School Gear & Spirit Wear Essentials

We've been observing school gear & spirit wear since before we started.  There's something about me that attracts people in need of problem solvers- so I've heard it all.  The highlights we hear the most often:

  • School gear is expensive
  • Many schools only have the ability to buy products once or twice a year.  If someone joins mid year they are out of luck!
  • Someone has to organize all the orders and deliveries for the entire school
  • It all looks the same
  • Some schools don't offer anything for the parents
  • Simply thinking about it exhausting- no fun at all!

We have a good solution for many of these issues.  Are we good at everything?  Absolutely not, but we have some fun solutions we can share with you.

1. We can "host" a school store for you on  The URL would be   Items can stay posted for as long as you want and would only be added with full school approval.

2. We offer a variety of affordable options produced here in the USA.  A sample affordable & quick Printed on Demand can look like this:

  • T-Shirts 
  • Sweatshirts
  • Tank Tops
  • Engraved Coffee Tumblers
  • Skater Skirts (Twirl/ Circle)
  • Some school bags (but US decorated is expensive)
  • Quarter Zip Ups
  • Blankets

We also have a exceeding large catalog potential for Printed on Demand product that is made overseas.  Lead times are longer, but the products are affordable and more interesting.  These include: 

  • Leggings
  • Sweatpants
  • Yoga Gear
  • Dresses (parade, not competition)
  • Any type of bag you can dream up
  • Sneakers, Flip flops, slides, etc
  • Jackets- limited options
  • Shorts- very limited options, some available

Print on Demand means there is no Minimum- they print at the time they ordered and sent to our manufacturing partners automatically.  Your students and parents can buy whenever they want!   DEAL CHANGER!!

This is where the magic happens.  Once we align on an assortment and the artwork it is "set it and forget it", largely automated and fairly straightforward. You would share the link to your students and parents and we take it from there.

I know, you're thinking this is too good to be true, what is the downside?

Simply put- we offer a fabulous but not infinite assortment.  We don't stock anything as a general rule as it is- printed on demand!   We can help manage printing of items that aren't in our assortment (think specific brands) but it's much more expensive and there could be minimums.   Little kid items can be particularly hard to find to match adult items if you have a specific sportswear assortment.  We will be very open if it's a stretch and give it our best.

We bought an embroidery machine in October 2023- but we don't offer it just yet.  More to come.

Now, let's talk about COST.  It's the elephant in the room. I provide transparent costing meaning I will outline my costs, margins, shipping, EVERYTHING to you before we launch.  No hidden fees.

  • A school of 20 students or more can expect to pay the same amount for any product that is listed on general "FeistyFitzy" with customization and no additional fees.
  • Once a school approaches 100ish students we would talk about a profit sharing model.  We would do our best to keep pricing inline with the market and arrange a situation good for both of us for the school uniform products.  I'll bet I have the best pricing you'll find. The bigger the school, the better the deal.  
  • SpiritWear (SRO, Nationals, Worlds) would NOT automatically receive profit sharing due to the high level of customization usually attached and, historically, the significant amount of design work and revisions needed.  We are able to provide the profit share advantage as we assume it is long term repeatable business.  That said- we still bet FeistyFitzy has the best Spirit Wear and most affordable options around!
  • Adapting your logo in any way from what is submitted: $50, billed in half hour increments, $50 minimum
  • Matching your font if you don't know what it is and need the exact same font: $50 flat
  • NOTE:  We do most design work for free as that's part of the fun- but the above two are very difficult for us to do
  • All samples must be paid for by the requestor 



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