About Us: Those Feisty Girls!

Shannon and Coco

When I was younger, I loved to dance. I would spend hours in my room, dancing to my favorite songs, although I never Irish danced, I remember seeing Riverdance on TV and adored watching performers like Natalie MacMaster when she came to town.
Sadly, when I grew up, I stopped dancing. I got too busy with work and other responsibilities. I never had time for myself anymore.
But then, one day, my daughter Coco started Irish dancing. She was so enthusiastic and passionate about it, and I was so proud of her jigs and reels!!

I decided that I wanted to support her in her passion, so I started to look for Irish dance clothes or Irish apparel that you could wear everyday.  It turned out that it was hard to find cute, Irish dance-inspired clothes. Most of the clothes out there were either too plain or too bedazzled. I wanted something that would make Coco feel excited to dance each day and wear to school.

That's when I got the idea to start my own Irish dance spirit wear clothing company. I teamed up with Coco and we started designing clothes together. We wanted to create something fun and inspiring, something that would make other dancers feel excited about their passion.  I also love my Irish Heritage so try and bring a modern flair for every day apparel that isn't to heavily old-school.

And that's how FeistyFitzy was born. We create bright, fun clothes that encourage people to dance and be themselves. We want to help people express their joy and happiness through Irish dance and/or their Irish Heritage.

Growing up I was called Fitzy, and the Feisty comes from the sassy Irish blood both Coco and I have.  It is a very fun coincidence Feis is in the name!   

In addition to running our shop, we are also looking to collaborate with schools; particularly those looking for affordable options or fundraising opportunities.  We have several options for all over print, scalable pricing, and year-round order hosting for no additional cost.   Our offerings are fresh and give schools the ability to grow with us and onboard new families immediately vs. once or twice a year at the same or better cost structure than many of the spirit wear providers out there.   As this is a passion, we focus on fun and being a part of this wonderful community.  We hope to meet you and have fun with you as well!

Thanks for supporting us!

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